Why is choosing an industry specific recruiter important?

* An industry specific (niche) recruiter understands the market and knows the key companies, managers and decision makers.

* You have specialized skills. Would a Recruiter in Accounting understand the market and intricacies in Semiconductors?

*You have personal representation and access to positions NOT posted on job boards.

*You will have direct access to hiring managers through your recruiter instead of the dead-end, black hole of HR@ or careers@ e-mails.

*Your recruiter will deeply understand the specific technologies you are working on. No, not all designers are the same. Are you focused on communications? Microprocessors? Graphics? Automotive? An industry specific Recruiter will spot the difference.

*Your resume will stay in the Recruiters database so if there is not something for you now (or you are not quite ready to make a move,) you will always be up to date with the most current, critical hires.

Next time you feel like “kicking the tires,” or if you are truly interested in making a career move, choose your Recruiter wisely and see the difference experience makes.